The Best Reasons To Clean Your Gutters

As a busy homeowner, gutter cleaning can be one of those tasks that can often be put on the back burner. However, gutter maintenance is a priority that you should take seriously. When performed twice a year, this task can save you thousands of dollars when It comes to repairs. If not cleaned out on a regular basis, blocked gutters can cause an array of problems for your exterior. A professional gutter cleaning from First Choice will protect your home from the unfortunate destruction that blocked gutters can cause.


It’s important to understand the function of gutters in order to see why maintenance is so crucial. Gutters are installed around your exterior to guide the flow of rainwater. This is what protects your roof, walls, and foundation from the dangers of flooding. When contaminants, such as leaves or other natural debris start collecting in your gutter, this is a sign to begin cleaning. If this debris is left to keep collecting, the effects can become destructive and expensive to fix. Rodents, insects, and other pests love the cozy environment and will continue to fester in your gutter and into other spaces of your exterior if left alone. Water damage is another problem for clogged gutters. Once the gutters begin to overflow, the rain water can flood areas that don’t have proper drainage and can possibly cause water damage.


In the coming winter months, damage caused by clogged gutters can sometimes be irreversible. After a large pile of leaves, sticks, and other debris has developed in your gutter, water will not be able to flow down to the downspout. When this water has accumulated in your gutter and stays around until winter, the water will freeze up, expand, and (depending on how much water) can possibly crack your gutter. If not stopped immediately, the ice will continue to block melted snow dripping down your roof. The ice will eventually gain enough size to form an ice dam. Once an ice dam is formed, snow that has melted will not have anywhere to rest besides behind the ice dam and will continue to stay there until it begins to seep through your roof. As soon as water enters your shingles, you can be at risk of spending money on repairs to rotted out fascia boards and other water damage.


Preventable damage doesn’t stop after winter, summer can be just as destructive for clogged gutters. In the heat of summer, insects love the cool shelter that your clogged gutter provides. Once they settle down and begin developing nests, the chances are high that you will be dealing with annoying and sometimes dangerous infestations of wasps and other hive building insects. Insect species such as carpenter ants and termites also thrive in the damp wood created from the flooding and will chew through the wood to build a home. This can be a costly and time consuming project to take on.  


Clogged gutters can cause havoc all year. Whether it’s in the winter because of water damage, or if it’s in the summer because of insect infestations, both are costly and could have been easily prevented. Instead making large investments in restoration, you pay a much smaller fee to clean your gutters. If you are looking into a DIY solution beware: falls from ladders sent more than 240,000 Americans to hospital emergency rooms in 2009 (Consumer Products Safety Commission). Experience is what separates First Choice from any type of DIY solution. Our technicians understand the severity of your problem and take every safety precaution to ensure that your gutters will be clean and free of debris.


Protect your exterior from the elements today! Don’t end up waiting til next year and having to deal with thousands in repair costs. Instead, call First Choice to speak to one of our representatives. Call (859) 379-5450 or click below to receive a free quote!   


First Choice Surfaces – How We Clean YOUR Exterior

We understand at First Choice that it can be confusing to the homeowner choosing a company that is skilled enough to care for all the various surfaces. So why choose First Choice? First Choice has years of experience and knowledge on how to properly care and clean everything from wood, cedar shake siding, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, hardiboard, stone, and brick just to name few. Our specially trained technicians properly service hundreds of residential and commercial properties every year all while making sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Some of the surfaces that First Choice excel in cleaning are surprisingly fragile. In order to remove moss, mold, algae, and debris from surfaces such as wood and roofs, we utilize a softwash process, or a low pressure treatment using detergents. It is a mistake to think that a high pressure wash without detergent is the best way to go in these situations. Wooden shakes were meant to protect your house from water coming from above not underneath. The underside of these shakes are very sensitive; using high pressure from underneath to remove dirt and debris would most likely remove the shingle from the siding/roof. Our technicians apply a specially formulated detergent to remove any black streaks, algae, and dirt. After the detergent has dwelled on the surface for around 10-20 minutes, we wash away all the leftover dirt and debris through a low pressure cleaning. After washing away detergent, our technicians can recommend products to use which will protect your wood siding/roof from any moss or algae for the next 3-5 years. Our cedar/wood cleaning process enables us to keep your surface clean without the risk of chipping or damaging.

Vinyl siding is very similar to wood siding; both need extreme care when cleaning. This type of siding is even weaker than all the rest. When applying severe pressure to vinyl siding, the surface will crack and the water will most likely blast holes. Once the siding is punctured, the crack or hole will spread when trying to clean in the future. For any homeowner, this will become a disaster when it comes to potentially selling a house. The curb appeal of the house (especially if the vinyl siding is facing towards the front of the house) will lower significantly. The only way to improve your curb appeal would be to replace the vinyl siding, putting you in thousands of dollars in debt. We at First Choice assure that your vinyl siding will remain safe and under our care.

Although aluminum siding is made from metal, it can be easily damaged if pressure washed improperly. High pressure can cause unsightly dents to your home and if your aluminum siding is painted, the chances are high that you will either completely lose the paint or it will become severely faded, a process called oxidation. Cleaning aluminum siding can be tricky. Our technicians at First Choice have the tools and detergent to deal with all dirt, mold, and algae on your aluminum siding. First Choice uses equipment that will guarantee your aluminum siding won’t be damaged from high pressure while still keeping your siding spotless.

Hardiboard may be the strongest of materials to use on your home but the surface is actually more delicate than you may think. Also known as cement board siding, it has a reputation for being durable. However, it can be easily oxidized and the painted coating can be removed when the wrong amount of pressure is applied when cleaning.

Graffiti, dirt, mold, and algae are a major problem for any brick or stone surface. These surfaces are stronger than most but should still be treated with appropriate pressure when cleaning. Companies that run to high pressure as a first resort should not be trusted to clean your brick and stone surfaces. Each surface can vary in age, dirtiness, and strength and should be cleaned accordingly. First Choice technicians specific formulations to remove any graffiti, dirt, mold, or algae and apply appropriate pressure afterwards to clear any residue left on the surface. First Choice follows a satisfaction guaranteed policy. If it’s not done right, we will make it right.

Your exterior demands the best cleaning, so why settle for less? Do not hesitate to call if your exterior surfaces are under attack from moss, algae, dirt, debris, or graffiti. First Choice takes precautionary measures unlike other companies to ensure you are satisfied with your new exterior. Call +1 (859) 379-5450 or click online today for a free quote for your exterior surfaces.




Gloeo-What? – The Reason For Black Streaks On Your Roof

You are driving home one day and as you pull into the driveway, you notice your roof has started to fade from it’s original beauty. Inspecting closer, you spot small black spots. A couple months pass until you observe that the spots have spread to streaks and have scattered across your roof.

You aren’t seeing your asphalt shingles slowly melt or a sign that you need to replace your roof, what your detecting on your roof is known as GLOE-OCAPSA MAGMA; fun to say, not fun to keep around. Gloeocapsa magma is a type of cyanobacteria. Believe it or not, this bacteria has been around for billions of years since the prehistoric ages. Through a basic plant function this bacteria absorbs water to generate energy to live. In order to survive, the bacteria creates a dark pigment to shade itself from the U.V. rays of the sun. As gravity pulls the gloeocapsa magma down to the ground, the bacteria spreads all across the roof forming the disgusting black streaks that you have noticed infecting your roof. As these streaks develop, your house will begin to look older by the second.


The perfect conditions exist in the midwest for gloeocapsa magma to exist. It’s moist climate in the summer is the reason why so many roofs in the area are smothered with black streaks. Gloeocapsa magma typically is spread onto a roof by airborne transport. This usually means that wind blowing from an overhanging tree or a bird flying over is all it takes to infect your roof. Once the bacteria lands on the north side of your roof (the side that houses the most moisture and is relatively cool during summer). Along with consuming the moisture to survive, gloeocapsa magma feeds on a special ingredient from your shingles. Your asphalt shingles most likely contain limestone, a filler part of the shingles to keep cost down, which gloeocapsa magma love to feed on. The limestone in your shingles not only allows the bacteria to survive, but to flourish across all of your shingles. As the colony of bacteria begins to grow on your roof, older bacteria die, which hold water, and in turn feed the other bacteria to grow even more rapidly. So many of our customers have told us that they have only noticed a small spot, and in no time, that small spot has covered their roof with black streaks.


Gloeocapsa magma not only causes your roof to look horrible, it also is the cause for major damage on your shingles. Once the bacteria has eaten away deep into the limestone of the shingles, the roof will have sustained a huge amount of destruction. This problem will inevitably force you to spend more time and money replacing the damaged shingles on the roof than to remove the gloeocapsa magma infesting the roof. If the bacteria has layered the entire roof, the heat coming from the sun to the roof is absorbed by the gloeocapsa magma and transferred into your roof. During the summer if heat is leaking into your house, cooling/AC costs will skyrocket. When working properly, asphalt shingles are great for keeping heat out. When they are damaged they don’t work so well and that will affect how much money you are wasting to battle the heat reaching the inside of your house. It may not seem like much of a price to pay compared to having professionals remove the bacteria, but the price of cooling your house will undoubtedly become more costly over time. If you are looking to sell a house that is infested with gloeocapsa magma, if not removed, it will ultimately ruin the curb appeal of your house as well as ruin the roof for future homeowners.

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The damage from gloeocapsa magma doesn’t stop there; roof moss and bacteria have been know to cause minor and major health effects if not stopped. Once thriving, the bacteria can possibly produce mycotoxins: a natural toxin that is developed in several different foods, gloeocapsa magma, as well as countless other types of fungi. Mycotoxins can range from mostly harmless to extremely harmful depending on your allergic immunity and the type of mycotoxin. You can come into contact with these toxins through dermal (skin contact), ingestion, and inhalation from an airborne source. Once you have come into contact with the toxin, symptoms you could experience include:

  • fatigue
  • runny stuffy nose
  • sleeplessness
  • chronic pain
  • numbness
  • constipation and or diarrhea
  • abdominal cramps
  • nausea
  • heart failure


Pets can become infected too! Though due their small size, they would need a much smaller amount ingested or inhaled for the toxin to become lethal. The probability of roof bacteria developing dangerous mycotoxin is fairly low. The best way to avoid running into problems like, having to buy new shingles, having to replace your roof, or suffering from any symptoms that the mycotoxins can cause, is to remove the infestation when you first spot it. Don’t let gloeocapsa magma invade your roof and grow, call the professional technicians at First Choice Surfaces to remove it for you.

Unlike other companies, First Choice will never use pressure when removing algae, moss, and bacteria from your roof. These methods will temporarily make your roof as clean as possible, but in the long-term this will shorten the life of your shingle roof and do more damage than good. Similar to the effect of gloeocapsa magma, pressure washing your roof will remove the protective granules from your shingles and cause them to be removed. If you are thinking of pressure washing your roof to rid the shingles of gloeocapsa magma, just consider that the use of pressure will do the same amount of damage that the bacteria would do, long and short-term. Our technicians apply a specially formulated detergent that destroys any black streak or moss that has been affecting your roof. After the detergent has dwelled on the roof for around 30-40 minutes, you will see the black streaks disappear leaving you with a clean and protected, eye-catching roof.

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Being the #1 Cincinnati exterior cleaning business, our reviews speak for themselves! Our trained technicians and professional equipment put us above all the competition. The next time you notice your roof is being invaded by gloeocapsa magma, don’t hesitate to call or visit online for a free quote.


4 Reasons Why You Should Pick First Choice Over Any Other

When searching for any service online, it can be difficult picking from all one out of a hundred.

If you have been scouring the internet for a company to clean your concrete, siding, or roof: STOP SEARCHING TODAY!

From being awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award for multiple years, to being Google’s highest rated pressure wash/exterior cleaning business in Greater Cincinnati and NKY with over 100 – 5 star reviews!, First Choice stands high above the competition in your local area.

Professional Care

Our specially trained technicians at First Choice pride themselves in treating your property with care. As soon as our technicians arrive, they park on the street to be considerate of you and your family. Before beginning to clean your concrete, siding, roof, or paver patio, our technicians pre-water all plants, trees, or grass in the areas we will be cleaning and potentially coming into contact with our detergent. Doing this insures your property will be left like it was before we arrive.

Next our technicians apply our specially formulated detergent to the area in need. If applying the detergent to a roof or siding, our technicians will let the detergent dwell on the surface for the appropriate length of time to insure maximum results.

Using a soft wash (similar to the pressure of your thumb over a garden hose) is absolutely necessary when cleaning your house siding or roof. Other companies that choose to use high pressure on those surfaces should not be trusted and WILL damage your property. When applying high pressure to those sensitive areas, there is a very high chance that they could damage your siding along with other building surfaces. Choosing First Choice for your exterior cleaning needs, insures that you won’t have to spend additional money in the future fixing problems that other contractors will cause.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every situation can be different for each property that’s why at First Choice we have a satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our cleaning, just call us and we will do what’s necessary to fix the issues. We want you to be our next raving fan!

Competitive Pricing

Our goal at First Choice is to deliver you a premium exterior cleaning service at a competitive price. We achieve this goal through bundling of packages. Do you need both your siding and deck cleaned? What about concrete? Any two different surfaces that you need cleaned, will be eligible for a discount. Each property is different but rest assured, you will be quoted for a more reasonable price if you decide to bundle.

Best Cleaning Practices

When handling your concrete, deck, vinyl siding, roof, or brick, First Choice understands that each surface is different and will require different techniques. Unlike other competitors, our technicians will use pressure for every job that they are at. Our specially formulated detergent is created to eliminate the dirt, debris, mold, and algae that is infesting your surface, while still guaranteeing that your exterior will remain intact and undamaged. First Choice technicians use the appropriate process for each building surface.

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Our operators are waiting for your call. Don’t go out and throw away any more time or money towards DIY solutions, at-home solutions or inept contractors, call Proserve today to understand why we are #1 rated pressure wash/exterior cleaning company in Cincinnati.

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3 Reasons Why Companies Should Have Their Dumpster Pad Cleaning Regularly

Housing loads of trash and other waste material, those dumpster pads and their surroundings are likely to get too dirty over time. This makes dumpster pad cleaning truly essential as the garbage and grime build up around these sites is not only unhealthy, but imposes several negative effects on your business. Here’s a detailed explanation why companies should clean their dumpster pads regularly.

nasty dumpster pad

1. They Cause Your Property To Look Unsightly Or Smelly

All that debris, garbage buildup and liquid spills make dumpster pads unappealing. Thereby deterring people from using it as intended. As a result, the property ends up appearing littered and unattended. This has a negative impact on the image of your business.\

Dumpster pad cleaning

2. Slip and Fall Hazards

Most dumpsters are loaded with grease and other liquids which are a major slip and fall hazard. Although, the dumpster pad is least likely to get foot traffic, it still puts your employees or customers at a risk of slip or fall accidents.

Dumpster pad cleaning cincinnati

3. Dumpsters Attract Rodents and Parasites

There’s no doubt in the fact that garbage is a breading ground for insects, rodents and bacteria. The whole area around a dumpster is highly contaminated due to left-over food items or leaking liquids that catch flies, bugs or cockroaches. In case, some parasites grow in an unattended dumpster pad. They may even be carried on the hands, shoes or clothes of your employees or clients. Apart from that, empty boxes or containers tend to attract rats and other disease-causing vermin. That eventually end up making way into your business premises.

Clean dumpster pad

Keeping your property absolutely clean, pleasing to look at as well as healthy for your employees and customers calls for going for a professional dumpster pad cleaning at regular intervals. An expert service will not only power wash the dangers associated with the same away but will also make sure the place feels fresh and fragrant with the help of high-quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Other ways to make your business look good is building washes and sidewalk cleaning.

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Vinyl siding cleaning Burlington Kentucky 41005

Do you have ugly green stuff on your vinyl siding? Here is a home in Burlington Ky we clean the white vinyl siding and made it look new again. We used our soft wash method on the vinyl siding so no high pressure was used. That means no damage to the vinyl siding.

How do you get it clean without high pressure?

Pressure Wash Cincinnati uses an application of high quality detergents and mold inhibitors to clean your home and make it look new again!

Vinyl siding cleaning Burlington Kentucky 41005

Vinyl siding cleaning Burlington Kentucky 41005

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House washing Union Ky 41091

This weeks office view was a house wash in Union Ky 41091. The north facing side was completely  dirty with green algae and mold. The whole street every home facing the north side has this problem. Pressure Wash Cincinnati uses high quality vinyl siding detergent. Using a high volume pump to apply the vinyl siding detergent to the house and rinse it off using no ladders. Its the cleanest house in the neighborhood.

House washing Union Ky 41091

uniion ky 41091 house washing

So be like Mr. Houchins and call now to be put on the schedule.

House washing Union Ky 41091

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Thank you

Last weekend my family and I decided to do a little shopping… at the annual Triple Crown Community Yard Sale.

But this post isn’t about yard sales. This post is about family. And owning a family business. And you, our customers.

Because one of the best parts of the day was being able to drive thru the beautiful Triple Crown neighborhoods and show my family some of the work I’ve done over the past year. It was spending time with them, but also being able to share with them what I do all day to provide for them, it was showing off the work that I do on your homes, that allows me to go back to my home with pride.

Triple Crown Roof Cleaning

Thank you for being my customers, for being part of our circle. We look forward to serving more of our neighbors in the future.

ProServe Group owners, Jodi & Jason Geiman

Jodi & Jason Geiman

Deck Cleaning

One of the most satisfying parts of our job is seeing the dramatic transformation that occurs just by giving a piece of your property the proper cleaning it deserves. Today we’re going to focus on your deck.


When we clean your deck in preparation for new stain, we begin by applying professional-grade soap.

After applying the soap we begin cleaning your deck one board at a time. By cleaning one board at a time we prevent any overlap marks from developing on your new finish which would diminish the overall appearance of your deck.


In addition to carefully cleaning one board at a time, we also use 800 psi or lower when cleaning. By using low pressure, we can prevent any damage to the existing wood, including burrs, splintering, etc. Using low pressure allows us to preserve the integrity of the existing wood while cleaning and preparing for the new stain.

If you’re thinking about cleaning your deck yourself, be sure to allow yourself the appropriate time. One average-sized deck usually takes us approximately four hours to clean & prepare, and these are people doing this type of work on a regular basis, using professional equipment. If you choose to hire us to clean and refinish your deck for you, it is our pleasure to give this time back to you and your family.

I hope this helps you to understand some of the work we do in preparing your deck for its new finish. Of course decks aren’t all we do. Don’t hesitate to call us for roof cleaning, house washing, driveway & concrete cleaning, and more!

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Memorial Day

As we take time off of work to spend with our families this Memorial Day, may we also spend some time reflecting on the sacrifice that so many gave so that we would have the freedom to do so.




Wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day from your friends at