How To Clean a Deck

You will need a day to clean it. Most decks take 8 to 10 hours to clean it.

You can apply the common cleaning detergent in order to keep your deck clean throughout. If you have proper cleaners for cleaning a wood deck it is fairly easy. It is advisable not to use pressure when you are washing the deck. This can cause severe damages to the wood. It can only be okay if you use the pressure washer but adjusted to lower pressure and also use the deck cleaner. When you use the cleaner, it will do most of the work, making it easier and minimizing the chances of damages to the wood.

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How to clean the deck.

1. Make a decision if you will use the stain stripper or the deck cleaner. Basically deck cleaner is the better choice if you use it on the new wood. It can also be a good choice if the wood is oxidized grey, dirty or if the previous stain has evenly faded. A stain stripper is better used if the old dirt or stain has peeled or failed unevenly. Additionally, if you decide to make a change on the brands, the stain stripper will be the perfect choice. There are numerous available brands of the deck cleaners at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

2. Get rid of all furniture from the deck and ensure they are at least 20 feet away. This makes it easier to see all dirt from every angles of the deck.

3. With the manufactures guide, mix the cleaner with the proper ratio. You can use the pump in order to apply the cleaner properly. Alternatively, you can use the scrub brush or a bucket.

4. At this point, you are required to saturate the deck with water. This application should be done at a range of about 200 to 300 sq feet at a time. Agitate all the wood lightly with a scrub brush or stiff broom. Scrub heavily all the dirt or use a light pressure to wash off all the dirt and grime.  Be cautious about the pressure washer because they can cause an accident if not handled properly. If you are using the pressure washer, it is advisable that you go for the fan tip rather than the red tip. Never use more than 800 P.S.I.

5. Repeat the process until all the stubborn stains are removed completely and the entire deck is clean. Ensure that when you have finished, thoroughly rinse all sections of decking, house, railings etc. using clean water and this will ensure that you have removed all the loose dirt and grime that have accumulated.

6. In order to neutralize the deck cleaner and also reinstate the natural PH of the wood, you are required to apply the wood brightener.

7. The deck should be left to dry for a period of 48 hours before you apply the deck stain.

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