How To Clean a Roof

How To Clean A Shingle Roof

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You were told at one time a 25 year shingle would last that amount of time.
These days 25 seems to be the new ”15”.

For several years, roof discoloration occasioned by algae has been witnessed all over America and Canada. The discoloration normally has an appearance ranging from brown to black, and may be confused with soot, fungus growth, moss, dirt or tree droppings.

Gloeocopsa magma is possibly the most predominant of many algae species contributing to the discoloration. All species are conveyed through the air, and mostly gather and grow on roofing structures. Natural pigments released by these organisms may result in a white or light colored roof gradually turning dark brown or even black. Discoloration may either be even or in streaks. Caution must be exercised lest algae discoloration is confused with tree droppings or moss that mostly produce localized discoloration only. This form of roof yellowing has been rampant not only in the Gulf States but also along the Eastern and Northwest Seaboards. It is, nevertheless, not entirely restricted to these areas. Algae growth happens to different extents in various parts of the country, more so those with warm, humid climatic conditions. Note that virtually all forms of roofing structures are vulnerable to algae discoloration. It is, obviously, most readily noticeable upon light colored roofs, unlike upon darker colored roofs where it is not readily noticeable.

And because roof shingles are degrading quicker it is most important you know how to clean a shingle roof properly.

‘Gently’ is the word to keep in mind when setting out to learning how to clean a shingle roof.

What to not to use!

Never use high pressure on any Shingle roof

In some cases neglected shingles will form moss and mildew in shaded areas caused from over hanging trees blocking sunlight.
Other areas of the roof may just be discolored and streaky.

In essence you are dealing with cleaning asphalt, so be aware that excessive heat and caustic chemicals will break down the shingles and damage them.

Cleaning Solutions:

If you plan to tackle a project like this yourself, make sure you use extreme caution and select the proper roof cleaning solution so the roof comes clean without the need for high pressure. Contact a pro like ProServe Group for a free soft washing estimate.

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