How To Stain A Deck

How To Stain a Deck the Right Way

It can be harder for you to get  stain prepared on your deck in a good manner. However, it is not going to be
too hard for you to get a deck stained with care if you just use a few steps to
make it worthwhile.

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 1. Find a Good Stain

You must take a look at the stain that you want to use for your particular deck. You need to review the stain
options that you’ve got based on the climate you are in, the wood you will
apply this onto and the potential amount of UV radiation that may take place.
You need to make sure you use a smart outside wood stain on your deck to ensure
that you’ve got the right coverage.

 2. Prep Your Surface

 The wood deck must be prepared before you stain it. You have to allow the space to be cleaned off while the
old stain is stripped about two days before the stain is added. This should
make it easier for the wood to be treated as well as required.

Here are some tips and tricks to cleaning a deck.

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 3.You also have to prepare the local surroundings by removing the furniture and use covers over any flowers in
an area. You may also want to cover any concrete surfaces in a spot.

Don’t forget to watch for rainy conditions. Make sure there is no rain within your area within the next 12 to
24 hours.

4.Prepare Stain Pads and Sprayers

 Stain pads may be used alongside a pump sprayer to push the stain material into your wood surface. This will
allow you to keep the surface treated right while also making the process run
as quickly as possible. This works best if you use the stain from the top down
and go in four-foot sections. Also, any excess materials that have built up can
be cleaned out as needed.

Be careful if you use a sprayer as well. Be sure that the spray is kept carefully and not too hard to handle.
Make sure anything that is treated is spread out the right way. A hand-held
bottle can also be used to spray spots that need a little extra support.

5. Watch For Missed Spots And Drips

If you work hard with the staining process with the right pads and sprayers then you must make sure you
check for any missed spots that are out there. Make sure you touch up on these before any stains in your area dry up. Don’t let the stain run and make drip marks.

6. Go To the Flooring

You then need to take care of the flooring by adding the stain to the area. This works when spread on the grain
of the wood. It always a good idea to back brush all areas.

7. Use a Second Coat

 The second coat should be added when the first coat is slightly wet. This will ensure that there is a little
more coverage in your space. In addition, you may not have to get the second
coat onto the rails or other vertical spots in a region. This is due to how the
space will not be at risk of becoming worn out over time.

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8. Allow It All to Dry

Make sure the entire stain area is left to dry for a full day. This is to allow the material to settle in so
you can add furniture onto it after that it all done.

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