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As a busy homeowner, gutter cleaning can be one of those tasks that can often be put on the back burner. However, gutter maintenance is a priority that you should take seriously. When performed twice a year, this task can save you thousands of dollars when It comes to repairs. If not cleaned out on a regular basis, blocked gutters can cause an array of problems for your exterior. A professional gutter cleaning from First Choice will protect your home from the unfortunate destruction that blocked gutters can cause.


It’s important to understand the function of gutters in order to see why maintenance is so crucial. Gutters are installed around your exterior to guide the flow of rainwater. This is what protects your roof, walls, and foundation from the dangers of flooding. When contaminants, such as leaves or other natural debris start collecting in your gutter, this is a sign to begin cleaning. If this debris is left to keep collecting, the effects can become destructive and expensive to fix. Rodents, insects, and other pests love the cozy environment and will continue to fester in your gutter and into other spaces of your exterior if left alone. Water damage is another problem for clogged gutters. Once the gutters begin to overflow, the rain water can flood areas that don’t have proper drainage and can possibly cause water damage.


In the coming winter months, damage caused by clogged gutters can sometimes be irreversible. After a large pile of leaves, sticks, and other debris has developed in your gutter, water will not be able to flow down to the downspout. When this water has accumulated in your gutter and stays around until winter, the water will freeze up, expand, and (depending on how much water) can possibly crack your gutter. If not stopped immediately, the ice will continue to block melted snow dripping down your roof. The ice will eventually gain enough size to form an ice dam. Once an ice dam is formed, snow that has melted will not have anywhere to rest besides behind the ice dam and will continue to stay there until it begins to seep through your roof. As soon as water enters your shingles, you can be at risk of spending money on repairs to rotted out fascia boards and other water damage.


Preventable damage doesn’t stop after winter, summer can be just as destructive for clogged gutters. In the heat of summer, insects love the cool shelter that your clogged gutter provides. Once they settle down and begin developing nests, the chances are high that you will be dealing with annoying and sometimes dangerous infestations of wasps and other hive building insects. Insect species such as carpenter ants and termites also thrive in the damp wood created from the flooding and will chew through the wood to build a home. This can be a costly and time consuming project to take on.  


Clogged gutters can cause havoc all year. Whether it’s in the winter because of water damage, or if it’s in the summer because of insect infestations, both are costly and could have been easily prevented. Instead making large investments in restoration, you pay a much smaller fee to clean your gutters. If you are looking into a DIY solution beware: falls from ladders sent more than 240,000 Americans to hospital emergency rooms in 2009 (Consumer Products Safety Commission). Experience is what separates First Choice from any type of DIY solution. Our technicians understand the severity of your problem and take every safety precaution to ensure that your gutters will be clean and free of debris.


Protect your exterior from the elements today! Don’t end up waiting til next year and having to deal with thousands in repair costs. Instead, call First Choice to speak to one of our representatives. Call (859) 379-5450 or click below to receive a free quote!