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Best Deck Cleaning in Greater Cincinnati Area

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All-Clean! Cincinnati offers the best deck cleaning in the Cincinnati area!

Moldly deck cleaning copyIf you have a green moldy deck, then you came to the right place. For each type of deck, there is an appropriate cleaning method for wood deck, composite deck, Trex deck, PVC deck, exotic wood deck, mahogany wood deck, Ipe wood deck, Teak deck wood and others. The proper deck cleaning method is important so that:

  1.  Your deck will look its best
  2. Your deck won’t be damaged.


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All-Clean! Cincinnati uses professional processes, equipment and products to perform deck cleaning services.  When performing wood cleaning, composite cleaning, Trex cleaning, PVC cleaning, exotic wood cleaning, mahogany wood  cleaning, Ipe cleaning, Teak deck wood cleaning and others starts with applying our specially formulated detergent to the surface for deck cleaning.

Deck cleaningDeck cleaning cincinnati

Our trained technicians will allow the specially formulated detergent to dwell killing the mold, algae and spores while penetrating into the surface to insure no regrowth occurs.  Wood deck, composite deck, Trex deck, PVC deck, exotic wood deck, mahogany wood deck, Ipe wood deck, Teak wood deck and others requires minimal PSI – no more than 600-700 psi to even clean the dirt, mold and algae away and insure no damage.  Never let anybody put more pressure on your deck. It will cause splintering and furring. Proserve Group uses professional cleaning detergents to clean your deck.

Don’t trust your deck to anyone!  Make sure they understand the intricacies and processes required to safely and effectively perform cleaning.


Here is a time lapse of a deck turning GREEN to CLEAN!

Deck Cleaning Cincinnati

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I have friends, Harry and Betty Smith from Liberty Township, OH we will call them, who have tried deck cleaning themselves, hired Craigslist cowboys to perform deck cleaning and just as bad hire painters to perform deck cleaning. In all 3 instances, the deck cleaning was done incorrectly and the deck didn’t stay clean for very long.

 #1  DIY when it comes to deck cleaning or any type of pressure washing service, is NEVER a good idea. Harry rented a pressure washer and put the red tip on the wand and started deck cleaning. Harry had a 300 square foot wood deck that needed deck cleaning. 12 hours later, Harry was deck cleaning. He used no specially formulated detergents and he used 4,000 psi. The deck Cleaning Harry performed was disastrous. The wood was fraying and splinters were now evident everywhere on the deck. Additionally, He was wore out!  If Harry’s time is worth $20 per hour and the machine cost $100 to rent for the deck cleaning, Harry spent over $340 to do the deck cleaning. That’s a lose-lose scenario.


#2 Harry’s neighbor hired a Craigslist cowboy to perform deck cleaning on his Ipe deck. The Craigslist cowboy had rented a surface cleaner with his pressure washer and used the surface cleaner to do deck cleaning on his Ipe deck. Needless to say, the Ipe deck suffered serious damage and Harry’s neighbor spent considerable time to sand out the Ipe deck after the deck cleaning to get the surface back to its original look and feel.

#3 Harry’s mom, Henrietta, hired a painter for deck cleaning and the results ended up being even worse than the other 2 scenarios above. Henrietta knew a painter from church. He had a nice little pick up truck that he came in with his pressure washing equipment that he bought from the local big box retailer a couple of years ago. He was using the pressure washing equipment specifically to perform Cleaning. Henrietta was enraged. It took her by surprise that the deck cleaning lasted almost 2 days because of his pressure washing equipment. PLUS the composite deck cleaning left marks all over the composite decking. What a nightmare!  Because of his inexperience and incompetence related to composite deck cleaning, the painter left Henrietta with about $20,000 worth of damage.

All-Clean! Cincinnati can turn your ugly looking deck into a master piece. that’s right! we will make it look new again. 859-379-5450

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