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We understand at First Choice that it can be confusing to the homeowner choosing a company that is skilled enough to care for all the various surfaces. So why choose First Choice? First Choice has years of experience and knowledge on how to properly care and clean everything from wood, cedar shake siding, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, hardiboard, stone, and brick just to name few. Our specially trained technicians properly service hundreds of residential and commercial properties every year all while making sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Some of the surfaces that First Choice excel in cleaning are surprisingly fragile. In order to remove moss, mold, algae, and debris from surfaces such as wood and roofs, we utilize a softwash process, or a low pressure treatment using detergents. It is a mistake to think that a high pressure wash without detergent is the best way to go in these situations. Wooden shakes were meant to protect your house from water coming from above not underneath. The underside of these shakes are very sensitive; using high pressure from underneath to remove dirt and debris would most likely remove the shingle from the siding/roof. Our technicians apply a specially formulated detergent to remove any black streaks, algae, and dirt. After the detergent has dwelled on the surface for around 10-20 minutes, we wash away all the leftover dirt and debris through a low pressure cleaning. After washing away detergent, our technicians can recommend products to use which will protect your wood siding/roof from any moss or algae for the next 3-5 years. Our cedar/wood cleaning process enables us to keep your surface clean without the risk of chipping or damaging.

Vinyl siding is very similar to wood siding; both need extreme care when cleaning. This type of siding is even weaker than all the rest. When applying severe pressure to vinyl siding, the surface will crack and the water will most likely blast holes. Once the siding is punctured, the crack or hole will spread when trying to clean in the future. For any homeowner, this will become a disaster when it comes to potentially selling a house. The curb appeal of the house (especially if the vinyl siding is facing towards the front of the house) will lower significantly. The only way to improve your curb appeal would be to replace the vinyl siding, putting you in thousands of dollars in debt. We at First Choice assure that your vinyl siding will remain safe and under our care.

Although aluminum siding is made from metal, it can be easily damaged if pressure washed improperly. High pressure can cause unsightly dents to your home and if your aluminum siding is painted, the chances are high that you will either completely lose the paint or it will become severely faded, a process called oxidation. Cleaning aluminum siding can be tricky. Our technicians at First Choice have the tools and detergent to deal with all dirt, mold, and algae on your aluminum siding. First Choice uses equipment that will guarantee your aluminum siding won’t be damaged from high pressure while still keeping your siding spotless.

Hardiboard may be the strongest of materials to use on your home but the surface is actually more delicate than you may think. Also known as cement board siding, it has a reputation for being durable. However, it can be easily oxidized and the painted coating can be removed when the wrong amount of pressure is applied when cleaning.

Graffiti, dirt, mold, and algae are a major problem for any brick or stone surface. These surfaces are stronger than most but should still be treated with appropriate pressure when cleaning. Companies that run to high pressure as a first resort should not be trusted to clean your brick and stone surfaces. Each surface can vary in age, dirtiness, and strength and should be cleaned accordingly. First Choice technicians specific formulations to remove any graffiti, dirt, mold, or algae and apply appropriate pressure afterwards to clear any residue left on the surface. First Choice follows a satisfaction guaranteed policy. If it’s not done right, we will make it right.

Your exterior demands the best cleaning, so why settle for less? Do not hesitate to call if your exterior surfaces are under attack from moss, algae, dirt, debris, or graffiti. First Choice takes precautionary measures unlike other companies to ensure you are satisfied with your new exterior. Call +1 (859) 379-5450 or click online today for a free quote for your exterior surfaces.